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Public Relations and Political Intelligence

Public Relations

Technology and innovation are constantly evolving, but if the core message misses its target, then it will not have the effect you require.

At Gorse Cover, we are experienced in providing and implementing both comprehensive and quick-fire public relations campaigns.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; every project needs to be tailor-made. So contact us for an informal discussion.

Previous campaign experience includes:
  • Gaining support for planning applications
  • Publicising heritage events and destinations
  • Helping to launch a new charity
  • Promoting renewable energy projects
  • Advising a major industrial site on community engagement
  • Running community consultation programmes
  • Building a strong working rapport with journalists

Political Intelligence

We believe that the most effective tool for engaging with the political debate is accurate information and good analysis.

We have built up a large array of political contacts, but effective engagement is not about who you know, it is all about how you put your message across. Our open, democratic approach, focuses on developing a consistent communications strategy to influence the debate in a constructive way.

Current and previous project experience includes:
  • Monitoring and analysis of Government aviation and airport policy
  • Enabling discussion on UK Government policy with regard to asylum accommodation which could offer greater security and better car
  • Analysis of UK, Welsh and emerging English city region policy development
  • Participation in debates on policing, local government and energy

About Gorse Cover

Gorse Cover is based in Newport, South Wales and operates across Wales and England.  In case, you were wondering about our company name, it comes that of a street that the Director once lived on.

Our Director

Nicolas Webb established Gorse Cover after working in public relations, media management, political analysis and stakeholder engagement roles for eight years.  He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Public Affairs Cymru.

Nick said: "Gorse Cover is a business, but I hope it is more than that too. Over the years, it has been fascinating to watch the evolution of the instruments of state in Wales. I'm keen for Gorse Cover to play a constructive part in Welsh democracy."

Nick has been involved in politics as a candidate and commentator. His personal interests often focus on urban policy, transport, and international development. He is a trustee of the Welsh Refugee Council, a member of the management board for the think-tank Gorwel, and Chairman of Newport Civic Society.

Nick tweets in a personal capacity @ndwebb.


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